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About Us

St Andrews dock opened in 1883 and was named after the patron saint of fisherman, St Andrew. St Andrews Dock is also known as the fish dock because it was the heart of hulls fishing heritage. The Fish Dock was where A E Purdy Ltd was established.

A E Purdy Ltd has been involved in a large part of Hulls historic fishing industry. The company was formed in the late 19th century when Albert Edward Purdy brought to Hull the skills and knowhow of the trade learnt from his uncle, Henry Barrow of Billingsgate. Albert started a business on St Andrews Dock which subsequently passed onto his son in 1935. Albert Edward II continued to trade successfully for 15 years before the third generation Albert Edward Geoffrey took over in 1950. Geoffrey retired after 44 successful years of trading and left the business to his son Nick Purdy.

Each generation introduced new products to enable the family business to flourish and grow without forgetting their roots. With over one hundred years of trading, the family tradition of first class service combined with the best quality fish at competitive prices has remained imperative. The aim of the company is still the same as ever – complete customer satisfaction.

The company employs a dedicated and loyal workforce that works hard to reach the company’s aim. The factory is situated on Subway Street, Hull. We have all the facilities such as a large chiller to keep fish fresh and stock many varieties of frozen fish and seafood. All fish that is processed within the factory is packed by us to our customer needs and specification. From the factory the fish is delivered by our very own fleet of refrigerated vans to many businesses in Yorkshire. Fish going further a field is put on refrigerated national transport systems.